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Flow Cytometry




Beckman Coulter MoFlo Astrios Cell Sorter

Excitation lasers:
488nm (7 detectors)
642nm (4 detectors)
561nm (4 detectors)
405nm (3 detectors)
355nm (3 detectors)

Instrument Fluorochrome Guide

Six way indexed and mixed mode sorting
Sorting into plates (up to 1536 well) or onto slides
RG2 (BSLII) compliant biosafety cabinet (NSF/ANSI)

*Location: rm. 420, 25 Orde street

Sample Preparation Guidelines & Biosafety


Beckman Coulter Gallios

Excitation Lasers:
488nm/561nm (5 detectors, 488nm/561nm lasers are collinear)

638nm (3 detectors)
405nm (2 detectors)

Instrument Fluorochrome guide
32 tube Multi Carousel loader (bar code capable)

Location: rm. 420, 25 Orde street and rm. 980 MSH 



Amnis ImageStreamTM Mark II (imaging flow cytometer)

Excitation lasers:
488nm, 642nm, 561nm, 592nm, 405nm
12 Imaging channels (brightfield, darkfield + 10 fluorescence)
Multiple objectives (20X, 40X, 60X)
Autosampler (96well plate)

Location: rm. 980 MSH


 Fortessa HTS


BD Fortessa X-20 with HTS

Excitation Lasers

355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm 

18 colors

FCAP array software (Cytometric bead arrays)

High Through-put Sampler (HTS) 96/384well plate

Location: rm.980 MSH



Analysis Workstation with Tesla GPU accelerator card and 30in monitor



Kaluza analysis software (10 network liscence within SLRI)

FlowJo version X

ModFit LT 

           (using ModFit LT)


Fluorescence Microscope

Nikon Eclipse TS-100, with filter cubes for